About us

Our story is more than a text. It’s not the motto under our brand name, nor a memorable phrase or a manifesto. Our story is more than words. Every choice we make and everything we do, from the way we greet you to the packaging in which you receive your order, is part of our story. Our story is not just what we tell others. Our story is what they think of us after every interaction with our team, our products, our brand. That is to say, a part of our story is not even written by us. Our story is being written ceaselessly with the ink of everything we believe in, of everything we do, of everything we are.

Here’s the part of our story we’d like to write everyday:

We are a family-owned Bulgarian brand for garden accessories crafted in the town of Kresna. Founded in 1993 by Boyan Smilenov and developed through the years with his children Raiko and Mariya — a construction engineer and natural stone expert and an internationally experienced specialist in business processes, together — just two courageous young people and a very supportive father, all of them in love with the beauty of natural stone and their home town.

RAIMAR is the name of the high-quality garden accessories made with natural stone, hand crafted by Kresna’s skilled masters. It supports local production and the Bulgarian traditions in stone processing with respect to nature and its resources.

We’ve been doing what we’ve been doing for more than 30 years, because we believe in the power of natural stone to change our surroundings in a uniquely beautiful and impactful way. More beauty in the garden means more time spent outside, more time spent in the sun, more time spent in contact with nature, more occasions to get together with family and friends, more closeness, more quality time together.

At first glance, we’re manufacturing garden accessories with natural stone cladding, but we’d like to believe that we’re actually manufacturing beautiful additions to your home garden that are in tune with nature.
Little islands of relaxation and calm.
Small personal kingdoms created by your own taste and hands.
Centres of attraction for family and friends.
Forges of memories and laughter.
Places for hugs and friendly shoulder taps.
Places for breathing and seclusion, whenever we need it.
Places to long for during the work week.
Places to make plans for.
Places we want to be and return to.

To us RAIMAR is family, home, support, understanding, trust, honesty and affection.
The work of one life and the future of another.
Mission and passion.
Our pride and our dream.
The cultivation of love towards one’s origin and roots.

The knowledge that you should give back to the place you’ve taken from.
The belief that our people are the best people.
Employment and development for a small Bulgarian town we love to the last stone.
A reminder to spend more time outdoors and together. To work and create with our own hands. To craft beauty and memories.
To be closer to nature and to our loved ones.

The rest of our story is written by you, our clients.


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