Sinks and garden fountains

Water is life, water is a remedy, water saves the thirsty from thirst, refreshes the weary, revitalizes the parched. And when it cascades melodiously from a stone sink or fountain, it not only provides convenience and coolness but also brings delight from the beauty of natural stone, inspiring feelings of gratitude and belonging.

Much more than a household item or just a garden accessory, the fountain is the heart of the garden, deeply laden with symbolism, seemingly here to remind us of the permanence of stone, the eternity of water, and our connection to the greater whole.

Whether you need a convenient, practical, durable, and beautiful sink or an authentic fountain that will provide freshness and coolness for generations to come, we can craft them with quality materials and genuine craftsmanship.

Our offered products are handmade by Kresna craftsmen and are adorned with real natural stone, entirely in the spirit of Bulgarian traditions and our high quality standards.

Our outdoor garden sinks are made from reinforced concrete panels, clad with uncut gneiss and hand-painted joints in the "Standard" series, and with hand-shaped marble, travertine, or limestone in the "Splitface" series.

The sinks can be combined with a barbecue and countertop to create a beautiful and convenient summer kitchen.

Our beautiful courtyard stone fountains are offered as modular pieces in the "Standard" series or as a single monolithic structure in the "Rustic" model. With them, you can decorate your yard or give a gift to your hometown or village, thus fulfilling the age-old tradition, and your name will forever be associated with goodness.

Our garden fountains and sinks are made of reinforced concrete and natural stone cladding. They offer elegance and beauty that will enhance the look of your home. All our products are handmade by our experienced Kresna craftsmen, who have years of expertise in stone processing.

The advantages of garden fountains and sinks with natural stone are numerous. Firstly, stone is an extremely durable material that can withstand long periods of outdoor and open-air use.

Secondly, natural stone has a beautiful and unique appearance that is always timeless and stylish.

Thirdly, our stone products are easy to clean and maintain, making them practical and convenient for use.

Completely understandable, and every garden oasis needs a convenient, unobstructed, and elegantly integrated access to water.

An outdoor sink is an indispensable garden feature and the first assistant to the industrious hostess. Its convenience and functionality will save you thousands of unnecessary trips with trays and dishes to the kitchen at home, and its beauty will delight your eyes every time you look at it.

With pride and much love, we share that our garden sinks have brought tears of joy to more than one Bulgarian mother, whose sons decided to surprise them with such a long-awaited gift. The fountain, on the other hand, is one of the symbols of native traditions and folklore – we find it in many legends and stories, charged with magical powers, managed by mythical creatures and nymphs, with maiden shadows embedded in the stone.

To build a fountain has a deep spiritual meaning, as it fulfills a duty, creates selfless good, purifies from pain or burden, and leaves something behind. Not coincidentally, in many folk songs, it is sung that the fountain is one of the greatest acts of kindness a person can do for others.

Each of our products is handmade with attention to detail. This means that each product is unique and has its own character. You can be sure that your garden fountain or courtyard sink will be one of a kind and will provide a beautiful and practical feature for your yard.

Our garden fountains and courtyard sinks are available in several different models and designs to cater to all tastes and preferences. Each of our products is created with a focus on beauty, quality, and functionality.

Choose our garden fountains and courtyard sinks made of natural stone, and you will receive a product that will attract attention and provide you with a beautiful and practical space for use in the garden or yard.

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