Garden barbecues

In every family, there is at least one barbecue master who rightfully commands the delicious preparations. If that's you or someone close to you, it means you need a reliable ally to ensure that your family and company enjoy wonderful and enchanting barbecues.

Regardless of the size of your yard or garden, with us, you will find a suitable barbecue that you can turn into an attractive center for tasty feasts and delightful conversations.
And since every yard has its own spirit, we offer barbecues in four styles.

For those seeking a sense of Bulgarian and native feel, we've created the "Standard" series with facing made of unprocessed gneiss slabs and hand-painted joints.

The "Splitface" series of garden fireplaces is in a refined, more modern, and geometric style, faced with rectangular marble, travertine, or marble with a relief surface treatment.

If you want to bring a Mediterranean breeze with the scent of salty air and lemons, the "Rustic" series with facing made of unprocessed sandstone with a wide white joint is for you.

For enthusiasts of raw beauty and the warm rusty-red palette, we offer the "Stenari" series of outdoor fireplaces with facing made of thin gneiss fillets that will transport you to distant times.

All our barbecues are available in small, medium, and large sizes to fit different gardens and families.

If you host large barbecues or manage a restaurant, our large barbecue or a combination of barbecue with an oven is suitable for you.

We want you to know that our barbecues are handmade craftsmanship, not because we want to show off, but because we owe it to the tireless hands of our artisans. Every barbecue produced by us consists of a combustion chamber made of ceramic or refractory bricks, bonded with heat-resistant adhesive, and handcrafted reinforced concrete panels faced with genuine natural stone.

The barbecues are available with the option to extend the chimney by adding air ducts, as well as the possibility to use various barbecue accessories.

Our products are fully environmentally friendly and safe, not treated with chemicals or other substances, and the materials used are inert and natural.

The ordered barbecue will arrive at your location in panels, packaged on a pallet for easy and convenient transport, along with detailed assembly instructions. We recommend gathering friends to help with assembly (and then treating them for a job well done) or hiring professionals. The approximate assembly time for three beginners, depending on the size of the barbecue, is between 2 and 4.5 hours – after all, good things take time, but we enjoy them more afterward.

Assembly instructions for the barbecue:

An important condition for properly and easily assembling your barbecue is the foundation. It should be stable, well-aligned, and leveled. The barbecue elements are assembled according to the numbering in the assembly instructions and are glued with cement adhesive of class C2. The individual parts should be generously moistened with water before applying the adhesive to ensure good bonding. Level at each stage horizontally and vertically. Finally, grout and clean. After the adhesive dries (from 12 to 24 hours depending on the season), your barbecue is ready for use.

Idea for a quick, easy, and suitable platform:

Order pavement tiles along with your chosen garden product and elegantly solve the issue of a leveled platform without hassle and in a successful combination.

How to use the barbecue:

Load the firebox with dry twigs and wooden charcoal. When igniting, avoid a sharp temperature change in the combustion chamber by using burners and oil-based products. Place the grill over the formed embers, and after heating, arrange the prepared products. During grilling, it is not recommended to extinguish the fire (abundantly) with water, only with spraying. It is not recommended to use the barbecues as a stove/fireplace and to burn a prolonged large fire with many logs in the combustion chamber.


For proper maintenance of your barbecue, we recommend cleaning and impregnating products from the German company Akemi, which you will find on our website. They are an ideal solution because they are harmless and suitable for kitchen countertops.

More about the barbecues from Raimar - Kresna:

During winter, we recommend covering the products with covers or nylon for a longer life, cleanliness, and easier maintenance later. This is especially advisable if the location is in the mountains, where there are significant temperature differences.

Outdoor fireplaces are a wonderful addition to your yard, providing a unique opportunity to experience emotionally charged moments with family and friends. Raimar is the Bulgarian manufacturer of monolithic barbecues, known for easy and quick modular assembly and high-quality manual craftsmanship using steel-reinforced concrete with a natural stone cladding.

When gathering with friends and family outdoors, having a cooking and dining area is the best thing. Raimar's monolithic barbecue is the perfect solution for this. This outdoor fireplace is made of high-quality steel-reinforced concrete and clad in natural stone, giving it an aesthetic appearance and exceptional durability. The structure of Raimar's monolithic barbecue is designed to withstand all outdoor conditions and cope with large temperature variations on impregnated surfaces. Steel-reinforced concrete is an extremely strong and reliable material that can withstand years of use without deforming from external conditions.

When it comes to installation, Raimar has provided an easy and quick solution. The monolithic barbecue is modular, in elements. With the help of our detailed assembly instructions, you will be able to assemble the barbecue in your yard in a relatively short time. This means you can enjoy your new fireplace literally within a few hours after delivery.

But Raimar's fireplace is not just a fireplace. It is a true work of art, created by experienced hands and professional craftsmanship. Each element of Raimar's monolithic barbecue is made with great care and precision to ensure the high quality of the product.

With the outdoor barbecue, you will have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor cooking with your loved ones. It's an experience you won't forget. From traditional barbecue recipes to more exotic dishes, Raimar's monolithic barbecue is perfect for all culinary challenges. Create a cozy atmosphere in your yard and enjoy beautiful moments around the live fire.

When it comes to unique design, Raimar offers different types of natural stone cladding that can be personalized according to your taste and style. This allows you to choose not only the most suitable model for you but also to give an individual look to your outdoor fireplace.
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