Garden ovens

Every serious host and true culinary enthusiast would not miss the opportunity to impress close friends and family with freshly baked bread, pastries, pizzas, or juicy, slow-cooked meat, especially roasted lamb in the oven. The oven is an excellent and sensible addition to the backyard barbecue – while delicious and crispy morsels are grilled on the barbecue, appetizing pies are baked in the oven, making the dining experience richer, tastier, and more delightful.

The aroma of wood and smoke that will embrace your culinary creations cannot be compared to anything else, nor can it be replaced by the most modern kitchen appliances. To achieve this, you only need an oven, wood, and passion.

For the first, you can rely on us and our experienced craftsmen who handcraft our collection of garden products.

Whether big or small, you can order an oven in combination with one of our barbecues, thus providing both delicious grilling and fragrant bread with an overall garden set.

We also offer a standalone oven with two types of cladding - "Standard" with cladding of uncut gneiss slabs and hand-painted joints, and "Splitface" with cladding of light, real natural stone that tells legends of classic charm and undeniable taste.

Our ovens are handcrafted and come with a dome made of refractory firebrick using an old Bulgarian technology, reinforced panels of thermo-concrete, clad with natural shaped or uncut stone, and a metal lid for sealing the oven after heating.

The width of the dome opening is 60 cm, with the possibility of extending the chimney with additional air ducts measuring 30x30 cm and a height of 15 cm, as well as the possibility of using various accessories.

Your oven will arrive in elements on an industrial pallet for easy and trouble-free transport, along with detailed assembly and insulation instructions. We recommend gathering friends to help with the assembly (and then treating them for a job well done) or hiring professionals. Keep in mind that the dome weighs about 200 kg, and at least 4 people are needed to place it. The approximate assembly time for three beginners is between 3 and 4 hours – good things take more time, but in return, we enjoy them more.

The oven is an invaluable solution when it comes to pizzas – a favorite food for both young and old and an undisputed favorite at any garden party. Baked in an oven is a standard for quality but also a special kind of hospitality – treat close friends with fresh, homemade, hand-prepared food, and rest assured that it will be talked about for a long time.

The perfect recipe for baking is, of course, in the Bulgarian traditional brick oven.

Raimar has been producing brick stone ovens for more than 30 years with exceptionally good reviews from customers. The traditional application of the ovens is the authentic Bulgarian baking of whole lambs: the oven is heated, the fire goes out, the bricks turn white, the tray with the lamb is placed, and the oven is hermetically sealed with a lid. After 3 hours, the baked lamb is taken out, receiving enthusiastic applause at the table.

The dome is built entirely from refractory bricks according to an old Bulgarian tradition, glued with heat-resistant adhesive. Its thickness is about 9-10 cm. For all brick ovens, it is recommended to additionally grease the dome or place a suitable insulating cover.

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