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You know that you will always make the right decision if the external or internal staircase is made of natural stone (marble, granite, or travertine). You also know that the emotion from polished and mirrored window sills is simply magnificent. And you have also heard that natural stone is generally a very expensive pleasure... Is it really? Ask us, we will be happy to assist.
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Products made of natural stone for cladding and flooring have a very low carbon footprint, making them environmentally acceptable. Stone is one of the most durable materials on the planet, capable of withstanding years and years without deteriorating or losing quality. It is sourced from nature and does not require industrial production to create the final product.

In comparison to other materials such as granite or ceramic materials, which are produced with intensive energy use and emit harmful gases, the production of stone does not significantly pollute the environment. This means that products made of natural stone are significantly more environmentally friendly than other materials used for cladding and flooring.

Furthermore, stone can be recycled and reused, reducing the need for new mining sites and manufacturing processes. This makes it additionally environmentally acceptable and an excellent choice for homes and offices aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.

"How to get a quote for tiles in my preferred marble, granite, or travertine, tailored to my dimensions for window sills and stairs?" 

Follow these steps:

Choose the color of materials that harmonize with your space from our category of products - Sills and Stairs made of natural stone.

Take full advantage of the opportunity to order free samples from us to experience the texture. The samples are on us; you only need to cover the courier service.

Obtain the exact dimensions from the professional who will install the tiles.

Verify if the standard 1-2cm extension in width is considered.

Choose the edge processing: TYPES OF PROCESSING. Usually, for stairs and sills, there is a single rounding on one length (for terrace caps, the processing includes rounding + drip edge on both lengths).

Send us the dimensions and processing details via email ( or Viber (0898 461 913 / 0898 461 906), and you will receive our offer with a detailed specification, execution time, and door-to-door transport cost at the earliest opportunity.

The most effective way to produce tiles in irregular non-rectangular shapes is by providing us with precise cardboard templates (can be done via courier as well). Also, draw a wavy line where you desire edge processing.

The price for tiles cut according to templates is calculated individually based on the complexity of production.

The payment method for orders of tiles cut to customer-specified dimensions is as follows: 50% advance payment for order confirmation + 50% upon collection or before shipment of the order. Our usual execution time for small orders up to 5 sq.m is typically 5-10 working days, depending on the workload in production.

For transportation: We can arrange the delivery of cut-to-size tiles made of marble, granite, or travertine through a courier. Depending on the quantity, weight, and dimensions of the shipment, we will send you an offer for insured transport from door to door.

When sending via courier, we need to meet the requirement that the tiles are not longer than 140cm, and the weight of the crate should be up to 700kg. The packaging 'Wooden Crate' is priced at 36 BGN/piece.

The customer can also arrange their own transport to pick up the order directly from our production base in Kresna. We pack the tiles securely in wooden crates or on pallets. It is recommended to organize personal transport as the safest option.

We are confident that you are eager to get started. We are too!

We wish you success in realizing your vision and dreams! Feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

More about the surface finishing of marble, granite, slate, and travertine tiles:

Natural stone tiles can be processed in various ways, but the four classic treatments are sandblasting, grinding, antiquing, and polishing. Ground stone exudes an antique charm and an almost oily feel while being resistant to scratches and heavy traffic.

The grinding process is achieved using abrasives. Scratches literally disappear during this treatment, but liquids are absorbed more easily because the surface is more porous compared to other treatments.

Sandblasted stone is processed in a drum containing rocks, sand, and other abrasives. With their help, small cavities and chipped areas are formed on the surface of the stone tiles. The result is a treatment where the surface is smooth to the touch but appears worn, bearing the traces of time, which adds warmth to any space. If you appreciate aged furniture, you will fall in love with this treatment. Sandblasting provides better grip and makes the stone ideal for showers, bathrooms, and pools. It is the perfect treatment for floor tiles in the bathroom.

In the antiquing process, the stone tiles look as if they were installed centuries ago, with a natural and antique appearance. To achieve this, manufacturers lightly brush the surface of the marble until it becomes textured. The result is a warm, timeless external look. Antiqued stone is more porous than polished and regularly needs to be impregnated against stains.

Polished stone fits well in both modern and traditional settings. This type of treatment is not only very versatile but also makes the tile less porous and easier to maintain.

How to beautifully combine flooring, cladding, and window sills made of natural stone?

Many people already know us because we have been working with stone for over 30 years. They know that we are a reliable partner  and that with us, they will find the largest selection of stone flooring and cladding in the region. But how does the selection process happen, and do we know how to make the best decision?

Here is our role – to offer you variety, useful information, and professional assistance so that the stone can live its long life for the benefit of your happiness and comfort.

And what does usually happen?

Usually, the husband from the family visits us first. He might have had a preliminary idea of what type of stone he is looking for – often confusion arises due to the variety of colors, sizes, thicknesses, finishes, and textures that he discovers in each row of stone slabs. Each stone has its unique character.

The husband leaves with absolute confidence that he must return with his wife. That's how it goes, right? We love to advise, and our most important task is for the family to be satisfied with their purchase: for their home to become beautiful, for them to like it, and to take pride in their lovely home that stands firmly in its place. In response to our assistance, we hope to receive their positive emotions.

Sometimes it's challenging because it involves combining stone for flooring, stone for cladding, and stone for stairs and window sills. Added to this are the color of the window frames, metal color, furniture, and, of course, the facade palette of the plaster.

The beauty of the home is a complex solution that requires both inspiration and knowledge, and here is where the role of architects, interior, and landscape designers comes in, whose assistance we highly value. Just as working with natural stones requires knowledge and dedication, creating interior and exterior harmony in harmony with the owner's authenticity requires time, commitment, and practice.

But let's go back to the easy choice of stone:

Step number one is to clarify the location, the application of the stone, and the expected traffic together with you – our client: whether it will be outside, inside, in the open, enclosed, flooring or cladding in the yard, in front of the garage, in the summer kitchen, in the bathroom, or in the living room…

Secondly, we observe which stone will catch the eye and touch the hearts of the family, while adhering to budget considerations, practicality, maintenance, and personal aesthetic perception.

To enhance this experience and provide assistance and inspiration to our clients, we offer an "Conceptual Design" involving combinations of flooring, cladding, and window sills with exciting natural elements.

We use the practice of "Mood boards" from fashion and interior design and enhance it with our knowledge of natural stone and implemented projects for clients. We are confident that imagination and application will meet immediately in your consciousness, considering where and what you want to improve.

Our three elements for the stone "Conceptual Design" are:

Cladding is the stone for the base of the house, for the fence, for the columns, for the wall, or just for an accent on the terrace. These can be small or large, but thinner and lighter slabs are preferred, with options for relief glaze, stone with a rustic look, or mosaic, glued in a stone panel.
Flooring is the stone for paving in the garden or for the path to the barbecue. It can also be on the veranda, but also in the corridor, entrance hall, terrace, or bathroom. Mostly, flat slabs are chosen depending on the planned traffic, foundation, and location of use.
Window sill is the stone used for internal or external window sills, for stairs, terrace caps, or for decorative edging of windows and doors. These are cut-to-size slabs of marble, travertine, or granite. The selection of the most suitable thickness and surface treatment of the stone, together with its color charm, is directly dependent on its use – for interior or exterior.

We hope that we have been helpful. If you are unable to visit us in Kresna, we always recommend taking advantage of our Free Samples service and ordering the conceptual design that has touched your heart.

We also hope that you found it interesting and useful. If you cannot visit us in Kresna, we always recommend using our Free Samples service and ordering the conceptual design that has made your heart long for it.

Approach strategically, follow us with curiosity and regular interest because, just as the stone stands firmly in its place, we also have something constantly surprising to offer you.
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