Wall panels | Wall cladding from Raimar Bulgaria

Our stone wall panels are an easy and convenient way to clad your walls, columns, fireplaces, staircases, or niches with natural stone without taking up much time and effort. They are designed so that you can visualize the overall look of your project as clearly as possible and even install them yourself – all you need is a bit of skill and a few hours. They are available in various color options, from white to graphite gray, so they fit different exteriors and interiors.

Raimar Ltd. produces panel mosaics from Bulgarian natural stone. These are small-sized tiles with a thickness of 0.5 to 1.5 cm made from shaped stone, firmly glued into panels for easy and quick installation.

The panels are not made of gypsum or cement but of real natural stone, and the difference is not only visible but also tangible.

The panel is in a solid rectangular shape and consists of tiles with widths of 5 cm, 7 cm, and 10 cm of arbitrary lengths.

The panels measure 60 x 15 cm and consist of three rows of tiles with widths of 5 cm, 7 cm, or 10 cm in various combinations. They are made to order based on the client's request.

Natural stone is a strong, dust-repellent, and pressure-resistant cladding that provides sound and thermal insulation, is fire-resistant (class A1), and is a natural and environmentally friendly product.

The advantages over standard bulk stone cladding are:

  • You can preview, visualize, and choose your cladding without relying on a craftsman's skills.
  • Quick, easy, and inexpensive installation even for novice enthusiasts.
  • NO GROUT and can be glued onto any type of strong and stable surface using polymer adhesive or cement adhesive class C2TES1.
  • Practical packaging in a carton with 1 sq.m weighing 30-36 kg.
  • The small size of the tiles turns an ordinary wall or column into an impressive and modern interior sensation.
  • There is no minimum order quantity requirement.

Installation Guidelines:
The surface must be pre-primed, clean, grease-free, dry, dust-free, and without loose particles. Using a silicone gun, apply the polymer adhesive in strips every 10 cm on the pre-treated surface, press the panel against the wall, and mechanically fix it.

Adhesive Options:

Polymer Adhesive:
Soudal HI-TACK White Polymer Adhesive FIX ALL (290 ml cartridge)
Soudal CRYSTAL Transparent Polymer Adhesive FIX ALL (290 ml cartridge)
Polymer adhesive is a perfect option for small areas. It is an elastic single-component sealing substance based on polymer with quick bonding ability. Due to its good adhesion on various surfaces and short curing time, it is suitable for the panels as it is not very fluid, does not seep through the joints, and does not stain the stone surface. It is also water-resistant and ready to use without mixing costs.

Consumption is about 1-2 cartridges per 1 sq.m.

Cement Adhesive Class C2TES1:
For large areas, we recommend flexible cement adhesive class C2TES1 for natural stone (e.g., BAUMASTER MEGAFLEX Cement Adhesive for indoor and outdoor use with increased flexibility (class C2TE, S1)). It features significant bonding strength on almost all surfaces. It is very easy to apply with a trowel and has various environmental benefits.
Consumption is 1 bag (25 kg) for 3.5-4 sq.m.
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