Copper gold | SKIN Natural stone veneers 122 x 61 cm

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Product number for  SKIN Natural stone veneers Copper Gold 122 x 61 cm : ARDF-88
Available sizes: 122 x 61 cm with thickness of 2 mm (The price is per 1 sheet; delivery is not included)
Weight: 2-3kg / 1sq.m
Packaging: package or pallet
Copper gold | SKIN Natural stone veneers 122 x 61 cm 1
Price / Unit Price for 1 piece
Finish Natural
Natural stone specifics Possible deviations and variations in the colors and textures of the stone tiles are expected (resulting from the natural origin and formation of the stone).
The cut to size stone tiles have nominal dimensions with a tolerance of up to ± 3mm (not calibrated).
Always plan for a 10% advance on the net square footage
Our products are handmade craftsmanship, made by artisans (stone masons).
Pre-sorting by color or caliber, as well as preferences for nuances, patterns, or color variations in the stone, is not possible in advance.
Recommended adhesives White polymer adhesive HI-TACK (for silicone gun)
Clear polymer adhesive CRYSTAL (for silicone gun)
White polymer adhesive Floor and Wall (bucket, 4kg, for trowel B3: 3mm)
Protection, mandatory impregnation, and maintenance (LTP or AKEMI) For protection against water absorption: Universal stone impregnator (LTP or AKEMI)
For protection against water and grease absorption: Stone impregnator Mattstone H2O
Always clean natural stone with pH-neutral products only (LTP or AKEMI).
For color enhancement and protection: Wet effect impregnator (LTP or AKEMI).

Application and Specification (thin, flexible, natural stone) | SKIN Stone veneer 122 x 61 cm

SKIN stone veneers are an innovative product for interior and exterior wall cladding.

They are a suitable solution for achieving a genuine stone surface and texture in cladding projects where the use of heavy and massive stone is not appropriate.

Their applications include exterior and interior wall cladding, ceiling cladding, furniture, doors, fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes, and wet areas. They are not suitable for flooring in commercial spaces or areas with heavy traffic.

They can be applied on cement, drywall, plywood, MDF, bricks, melamine, acrylic, or other plastic surfaces.

The stone surface of the SKIN veneers has UV protection and withstands intense sunlight for years. They tolerate the thermal expansion/contraction of most common building materials to which they are adhered. Impregnated stone wallpapers withstand high temperatures and multiple freeze-thaw cycles.

Stone veneers are a creation of nature, which is why variations in color and texture are an inherent effect and part of their natural beauty. Each sheet is unique.

Where can they be seen?

Visit our exhibition and consultation center in Sofia to view the thin stone in person and make your selection. Don't forget to take samples of the materials to find the perfect combination. Our Sofia location is a showroom only (purchases or payments cannot be made on-site). We continue to ship orders directly from our base in Kresna.


100% natural stone



PVC backing

imensions of a Single Sheet: 122 x 61 cm

Thickness: 2-3 mm

Weight: 2-3 kg per 1 sq.m


SKIN veneers are shapeable and can bend to a minimum radius of 20.32 cm, depending on the color and type of stone. With heating, they can achieve even greater flexibility. Thanks to the PVC backing, the material has excellent strength and flexibility, allowing it to bend inward and outward according to the desired visual effect or architectural design.

Key Installation Steps

Preparation of the necessary equipment and materials for installation.

Preparation of the surface and the stone wallpapers before placement.

Placement, fixing, and grouting.


See the detailed information for each stage and carefully follow the steps to ensure unique interior or exterior spaces with SKIN stone wallpapers:


When handling SKIN stone veneers, it is mandatory to wear protective equipment: gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask. Cutting releases fiberglass dust, so always wear protective gear for your eyes and skin.


  • Angle grinder or circular saw with a thin cutting disc
  • Spatula, trowel with size B3 (triangular teeth of 3 mm)
  • Roller
  • Tape measure, fine sandpaper, and masking tape
  • Protective equipment: gloves, goggles, dust mask


  1. Store the veneer sheets horizontally and flat, protecting the surface from scratches.
  2. Clean surfaces from dust, moisture, or contamination, as wet spots can compromise the adhesive.
  3. Prime the walls.
  4. Place the stone veneers on the surface without adhesive to review the individual sheets and decide how to arrange them according to their texture and shades. It is helpful to number the sheets according to the chosen arrangement.


We recommend using Soudal Fix ALL – an elastic, polymer-based mounting adhesive.

Since SKIN stone wallpapers are veneer, they need to expand and contract together with the base they are adhered to. For external applications, always consider the thermal expansion of materials. Additionally, the adhesive may not bond properly if used between materials with non-porous structures.

When installing in bathrooms and other wet areas, increase the amount of adhesive, and ensure waterproofing and impregnation of the surface are highly important.

Laying and Fixing

Measure the surface and calculate how many whole sheets of veneers you need and how many need to be cut.

Measure and draw paper templates to place on the stone wallpaper with masking tape to cut and protect them from damage. For curved surfaces, use templates again.

When cutting is necessary, always work from the backside of the stone wallpaper to avoid damaging the surface. Stone wallpapers scratch easily, so increased caution is required during installation.

For external use and wet areas, use adhesive: FLOR and WALL Polymer White Adhesive SOUDAL FIX ALL (bucket) 4 kg. Apply adhesive to the back of the veneer and spread it with a 3 mm notched trowel. The consumption rate is about 1 kg of adhesive per 1 sq.m. When the entire surface of the wall is covered with combed adhesive, it provides waterproofing because it acts as both an adhesive and a sealant. Waterproofing is recommended for exterior, facade cladding, and wet areas. 

For interiors, we recommend the polymer adhesive HIGH TACK (bottle). Its advantages include super easy application with a regular silicone gun. Apply vertical lines every 10 cm either on the wall or on the back of the veneer, then press the stone veneer with a rubber roller. Ensure there are no air pockets. The consumption rate is approximately one bottle per one sheet of wallpaper.

Carefully fix the stone sheets to the wall.

We recommend starting the adhesion from the center of the area towards the edges.

Immediately clean any excess adhesive with a damp cloth.

For proper fixing of the stone wallpapers to the base, wait a few minutes after placing them and roll. Push out any air bubbles remaining between the wallpaper and the base by pressing gently with a roller to avoid air pockets.

When meeting veneers in corner/edge areas without joints, it is recommended to have a 2 mm overlap from the front side to hide the back.

You can fix them double-sided with masking tape and, after the adhesive hardens, sand with fine sandpaper to achieve blending.

Useful for the openings

Creating openings (e.g., for outlets) is easy using standard tools such as a drill or a dry drilling tool with a diamond core bit.


The decision to leave gaps or not when installing stone wallpapers depends on the client's preferences, the specific project conditions, and the desired visual effect.

Without Gaps

Without leaving gaps, stone wallpapers are glued tightly next to each other, highlighting a more seamless and unified surface. This approach creates the impression of a larger area.

Without grouting, the process of gluing stone veneers becomes faster and easier. There is no need to spend time sizing the gaps, cleaning, and grouting.

When installing without gaps, where necessary, you can lightly sand the edges of the wallpaper beforehand to ensure the surfaces meet perfectly at the edges and corners.

When the entire wall surface is coated with combed adhesive FLOOR and WALL Polymer White Adhesive SOUDAL FIX ALL (bucket) 4 kg, it provides waterproofing because it acts as both an adhesive and a sealant. Waterproofing is recommended for external, facade cladding, and wet areas.

With Gaps

Gaps can give a more aesthetic look to the surface, offering hundreds of possibilities for design variety and can make the installation more visually appealing.

Gaps of 2-3 to 5 mm will give the impression that the sheets are separate natural stone slabs.

Executing an installation with gaps will require more time and skill because it involves taping the edges with masking tape before grouting, grouting with an appropriately colored grout, and final cleaning.


For easy maintenance and protection against contamination and freeze cycles, SKIN stone veneers should be impregnated. We recommend the professional products of the British manufacturer LTP or the German manufacturer AKEMI.

Impregnate the SKIN stone veneers after installation, taking care to avoid contamination with adhesive and grout during installation and other handling.

It is recommended to apply a single coat of impregnator in interior spaces and at least two coats in external environments and wet areas.

1 liter of impregnator is sufficient for approximately 30 sq.m when applying one layer.

For periodic cleaning, use a lint-free damp cloth and pH-neutral cleaning agents.

Like every beautiful thing and like every natural material, natural stone requires proper care and maintenance.

We recommend: always treat stone surfaces with the right products for natural stone!

Regardless of the type of stone and its location, a single application of sealing agent will save you unnecessary worries and greatly facilitate maintenance.

Everything needs care. Use the high-quality German products from AKEMI, with which we have been working and recommending for years.

The treated impregnated surface does not allow water and contaminants to penetrate.

The protection with a sealer provides resistance against the destructive cycles of freezing and melting in external conditions. Water simply does not absorb when the stone surface is impregnated but forms droplets.

Depending on the type of sealer, it may not alter the external appearance of the stone or deepen its colors. Choose among the following types of sealers:

"Universal" sealer, which does not change the appearance of the stone and protects against water.
"Wet Effect" - a powerful sealer, like the Universal one, but with colors standing out in a more intense contrast.
"Stain-Free" is the best sealer: it protects against water and grease, also without changing the external appearance of the stone.

The frequency of reapplication depends on conditions and the usage of the stone tiles (whether it is flooring and traffic intensity). Usually, AKEMI recommends every 5 years for exterior stone, flooring + wet areas, and 10 years for interior stone (wall cladding).

How to apply the sealer? - It's easy, like child's play. The stone surface must be clean and very dry. The liquid is applied undiluted with a roller, sponge, or brush. If the surface is smooth polished or matte, a second step is required: the so-called "polishing" with a microfiber cloth for 20 minutes after applying the sealer. And we're done.

What cleaning products are used for natural stone? - Some types of stone, such as marble and travertine, are sensitive to acidic, very strong cleaning agents (e.g. bleach). We recommend: always clean your stone surfaces with a pH-neutral cleaning agent.

Ask us if you have any more questions! We are here and happy to assist.

How to breathe new life into natural stone in the exterior?

In a few steps, natural stone can be restored to its original state, in its full brilliance and aesthetics.

First and foremost is regular cleaning and at least once a year thorough washing with a pressure washer. This is particularly important for our outdoor furniture products (barbecues, sinks, tables, countertops, and pavement tiles).

Once the surfaces are clean and dry, do not forget to apply a sealer.

Tip: Protect your outdoor flooring from furniture that may rust.

For specific stains such as oily spots, efflorescence (cement milk), mold, cement residues, or grout mixtures, silicones, or paints, it is best to contact us directly for consultation. Count on us; we will provide you with the right products to address the issue, wherever and whenever possible.

The durability of natural stone depends on the specific porosity of the stone type and its water absorption levels. For example, the porosity of granite and gneiss is around 1%, while sandstone has over 20%.

The biggest destructive enemies for items, coverings, and pavements exposed year-round are the sun and freeze/thaw cycles. When the stone is sealed/waterproof, you will receive maximum protection and much easier maintenance.

In severe cases of areas with contamination, the non-polished stone surface can be treated with an angle grinder and fine sandpapers. This process removes the top layer of the stone, making it look like new. (The process is similar to sanding wooden parquet.)

Stone is the best friend of the yard and garden. With love for beautiful, natural materials and proper care, the stone will continue to bring you joy for many years to come.
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